Sunday, September 8, 2013

Karachi Beauty Bloggers Meetup at Rain Tree Spa!

An evening well spent in the company of people who share your obsession, yummy snacks and some amazing complimentary services! That's how our beauty bloggers Meetup at the Rain Tree Spa Karachi can be accurately summed up!

Drinks and Manis!
A chat with the owner, the lovely Lubna
Getting pampered! Manicures!!
Being spoiled! nom nom!
Bloggers own private Swap/Sale :)

Lots of Tohfay!! :)

To beat the heat!

My Caviar Manicure! <3

Water Melon Juice Anyone?

Shaheen, Naimal, Mariam, Jadirah, Rabiyah, Maliha, NIda, Cenam, Me!
This time around there were 9 bloggers who turned up:
-Rabiyah Tungekar from Rabeeyah's Blog
-Naimal Hammad from Peachy Pout
-Mariam Fahad from Mariam Says
-Maliha Rao from The Curious Red Alice
-Cenam from Cenam's Beauty Blog
-Jadirah Sarmad from Jasmine Catches Butterflies
-Shaheen Nauman from Cherry Cross
-Nida Moughal from Glitter Smitter
-and Me!!
Except for Rabiyah, I met all the other bloggers for the first time. Had a good time chatting about our favorite thing; Makeup! We'd even brought along stuff for swapping/selling among ourselves. Discussed blogs, meetups, online shopping, customs, favorite products etc.
Had a lovely Hi-Tea arranged by the Rain Tree people, and the wonderful manicures they had to offer were:
-Caviar Nails
-Magnetic nails
Three lucky ladies: Naimal, Mariam and Jadirah got themselves vouchers for free blow dries at the Rain Tree Spa! In the end we got goodies bags which had discount vouchers from and Rain Tree Spa plus Cupcakes by Pie in the Sky!

It was wonderful meeting everybody! I wish we have such meetups every now and then! Thank you to Maliha and Rabeeyah for arranging it for us! :)

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  1. Great post, Rakhshanda. It was lovely meeting you once again x

    1. it was wonderful meeting you again Rabz <3

  2. Aww.. You girls look amazing! I wish I could join you guys but couldn't make it this time. I'm sure it would've been so much fun! :)

    1. yeah it would've been more fun to have you join us! next time then :) x

  3. Hi Rakhshan, this looks like such a fun eventful meet up, it must have been a wonderful experience getting to meet other bloggers and exchanging ideas. You look so beautiful! Love the manicure!

  4. This looks like so much funn!! And look at how lovely everyone looks! <3 Must follow the girls I don't know! :)

    1. yes! it was wonderful to make seven new friends :)

  5. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Hope there'll be one in Lahore too soon:) x


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