Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nanshy Eye Brush Set [Review]

I prefer synthetic makeup brushes to any other kind, especially to natural hair. Good quality synthetic makeup brushes are incredibly soft and easy to clean. When Nanshy launched their Eye Brush Set a few months back I was eager to try out the new set having used their Face Brush Set before. So today I'm sharing my views about this handy set with you guys!!

Nanshy Claims:
This set of Nanshy eye brushes features high quality, synthetic, vegan, cruelty free, antibacterial brushes that give you a flawless application!
Approved by because they’re 100% Vegan, and Cruelty Free! Professional quality brushes for your eyes, brows and lips too, if you like. The Nanshy Eye Brush Set features specialised design, in shape and contour, seven (7) distinct makeup brushes for creating your polished, complete, and natural look! Any level of artistry, this cosmetic brush set will make an immense difference in your make-up application. Made from synthetic hair, on extremely comfortable handles, the bristles are silky soft on top, yet durably firm on the bottom.

Nanshy Eye Brush Set
Nanshy 7 piece Eye Brush Set: Cruelty Free
Nanshy 7 piece Eye Brush Set: Description of all brushes given at the back
Nanshy 7 piece Eye Brush Set in a Plastic Blister Tray
Nanshy Eye Brushes: Glossy Pearlescent Handles
Nanshy Eye Brushes
Nanshy Eye Brushes: Shiny Silver Ferules
Nanshy Eye Brushes: Incredibly soft bristles

My Thoughts:
This Nanshy Eye Brush set comes in a black cardboard pack with a transparent plastic front which shows the brushes. Inside, the brushes are placed in a plastic blister tray which keeps each brush in it's place. The back of the cardboard box shows the picture and names of each brush for ease of use.

There are 7 brushes in total, like the Nanshy Face Brush Set I reviewed earlier; the quality of these brushes is also superb, the handles are pearlescent white as compared to the Face Brush Set which had pure white handles, with the brand name along with the brush name embossed on every brush.

From the pictures you can see how soft and fluffy these brushes look, well that's exactly how they feel to the touch, being synthetic these are cruelty-free, vegan and very easy to clean, the bristles are dense and flexible at the same time and the best thing is that there is literally no shedding.

I'll go through the brushes one by one so first up is:

Large Shader Brush:
This is great at packing eyeshadow on to the lid, it's wide and covers almost half of my lid at once. Quite dense too as compared to my other shader brushes which are thinner but I still like using this for packing on color to the lid.
Nanshy Eye Brush Set: Large Shader

Blending Eyeshadow Brush:
The blending brush is fluffy and a bit wide which in my opinion are the two important things in a blending brush. It works remarkably well in blending out harsh lines, shadows and in creating a color gradient on the lid.
Nanshy Eye Brush Set: Blending Eye Shadow

Eye Crease Brush:
This brush has good dimensions for defining the crease. It's got a thin and just slightly fluffy head which works well in the eye socket to shape and contour the crease. Great at blending too!
Nanshy Eye Brush Set: Eye Crease

Tapered Crease Brush:
Ideal for making precise shadow lines in the eye socket, the head is more pointed than the Creased brush's and hence offers more control. The cut crease look can be achieved easily with this brush. Does a great job at smudging eyeliner as well.
Nanshy Eye Brush Set: Tapered Crease

Flat Definer Brush:
I use this brush for drawing thin lines especially around the upper and lower lashline, great for applying gel eyeliner or setting/smudging the eyeliner with a dark( black!) eyeshadow. It provides precision and even application by covering a larger area as compared to the Angled Detailer brush.
Nanshy Eye Brush Set: Flat Definer

Angled Detailer Brush:
My favorite to use for filling in my brows. It's got a thin and slanted head which provides control and just the right amount of precision. This can also be used for eyeliner application if you want.
Nanshy Eye Brush Set: Angled Detailer

Precise Bent Eyeliner Brush:
I've never used this bent eyeliner brush before, the amount of control this brush provides while applying eyeliner is insane. The bent angle is just right and I feel it's a wonderful tool for beginners who are intimidated by eyeliner application.
Nanshy Eye Brush Set: Precise Bent Eyeliner

Price and Availability:
This set can be purchased from Beautystore4u and Amazon, it retails for £29.95/ $48.35/PKR3200 which calculates to around £4/$6.75/PKR400 per brush. 

Overall I'm really impressed with the quality of these eye brushes. Each has a purpose and can be used for other things as well; being a complete set you can easily create different looks with these. If you're a beginner this would help you bigtime and if you're a beauty blogger or just love makeup then this set would be a wonderful addition to your collection! 

*Disclaimer: This was a PR sample sent to me for review and I've given my completely honest views about it.

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  1. I also have few similar i know which brush do what????

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    1. it's a gem especially for beauty bloggers :)

  3. Well done for detailed review I will have a look on Amazon Hun. .

  4. they look great..thank you for sharing :)

  5. nice reviews and another plus is that this is vegan :)

    1. I agree, cruelty-free and vegan score big points with me! :)

  6. Happy to hear that these brushes are vegan, I wouldn't use any other type. They sounds pretty fantastic.

    1. yes Sam, these are pretty amazing considering that they're synthetic, super soft, clean easily and dont shed! all this plus are vegan and cruelty free! :)

  7. Looks great! I really like how there is no repetition in the shape of these brushes, each brush could be used for an entirely different purpose hence great value for money. I'm looking forward to add that flat definer brush to my collection.

    Zubia | The Bedside Dreams

    1. it's a wonderful multipurpose brush! and you're right, they can be used for a variety of purposes it all depends upon what you use them for!:) x

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