Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Accessories Love: Statement Watch and Ring from RoseGal.com

I'm a big fan of the oversize watch trend, especially an oversize gold watch, it can add sparkle to an understated look/outfit without seeming over the top. I have quite a collection of these watches now that I would share with you guys sometime soon but I wanted black since it's the most practical for me and it goes with absolutely anything I wear so I'd been searching for one for over a year now. Imagine my delight when I received a Miler black oversize Quartz watch in my mail from RoseGal.com!

RoseGal.com is a global online fashion store which specializes in retro style and unique vintage fashion products as well as the latest style dresses, jewellery, watches and bags etc. It was started by a group of friends who all share a deep and abiding passion for stunning clothing and fashion. The best part is their amazingly low prices and free shipping worldwide. 

They were kind enough to send me a Punk Style Alloy ring along with the watch, it's like a big rectangular shaped solid block of gold which looks incredibly chic on the finger, however the size was a tad small for me and doesn't fit so I have no pictures to show you how classy the ring looks on.

Miler Quartz Watch and Punk Style Alloy Ring
Miler Quartz Watch in Black
Miler Quartz Watch in black with rhinestones in the rim of the dial
Two rhinestones have dislodged from their sockets near the numerals
Back View: Miler Quartz Watch
Punk Style Alloy Ring
Punk Style Alloy Ring
paired the watch with a simple white shirt and jeans

My Thoughts:
I honestly wasn't expecting the things to reach me safely and had no high hopes for quality either but I was proved wrong on both accounts. Both Miler Quartz Watch $10.49 and  Punk Style Alloy Ring $3.17 were packed in plastic ziplocks and packed in shock proof bubble wrap. The quality of the watch is AAA+, the chain is plastic and the three dials inside are dummy. Except for two rhinestones which have dislodged from their sockets inside the dial, everything was safe and sound and in it's place. For the price it really is an absolute steal considering the quality. The ring is a solid gold color and has some weight to it, it's so pretty and I'm just so disappointed that it wasn't my size!

I'm tremendously satisfied with the watch though, perfect for stacking or wearing it on it's own! In the above pictures I'm wearing it with a simple white shirt and jeans and have stacked a shamballa bracelet with it. It adds a bit of bling to the outfit without going overboard. As versatile as black can be, it looks great with outfits of every color.

Overall I liked my experience with RoseGal.com. Do check out their website, you can find them on Facebook and Pinterest as well. 

Do you like such statement watches?

*Disclaimer: This was a PR sample sent to me for review and I've given my completely honest views about it.


  1. This looks super cool & I'm definitely looking forward to a post on your watch collection now! x

    1. yes I would be posting that soon then :) x

  2. Hi sweety, how have you been? This is a very elegant watch, I like the two-tone colours, it can be dressy as well as worn casually.I appreciate you stopping by...hope your week is going well ;)

    1. thank you Sam you've precisely described it, hope you're doing great!! x

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  4. its awesome! I think its gonna look super cool if u wear it with half sleeves or sleeveless dresses. Love it :)

  5. wow awesome stuff ;) I did a similar post today :)
    I cant find ur updated posts in my reading list so exclusively visiting ur blog now :)


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