Friday, January 17, 2014

Blog Sale!

Hey everyone! Hope all of you are well and the new year's been treating everybody really well so far.
I've been on a holiday myself and just returned. Before any other posts I have a quick update on a little blog sale I'm having on my facebook fanpage. I really needed to get rid of some makeup stuff which I don't use at all, better that somebody else use it then it gets wasted at the bottom of my stash.

Some of the things have only been swatched once, due to shade difference and preference I'm selling them out. If you like anything you just have to email me at This is open for Pakistan only!

I'll be posting some review posts soon, no favorites for January as it'll probably be a repeat of the same products that I've been using the past year and loving to bits. The monthly favorites would probably kick off from the month of February! Hauls are one too many, I shopped so much for outfits, shoes and makeup in the last few months that I've almost lost track, I need to take some shots of all the things and share here with you all.

So hope to see you all soon 

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