Monday, February 17, 2014

10 makeup Essentials to always carry with you!

I'm one of those people who always leave house in a hurry, no matter how well ahead I plan out everything I have a tendency to forget important stuff at last minute and I realize it the moment I'm seated in the car and on the way! One solution that I've found for this crazy situation is keeping my makeup bag stocked up for any last minute touch ups!

Whether it’s a meeting or a night-out, there are a few make-up essentials which should always be present in your bag for emergency situations. You never know when you might need to correct a makeup malfunction!
To find out the list of products to keep in your bag, read the rest of the article here !!

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  1. i have all these in my bag too ^_^ Its like you were describing me when you said no matter how much planning,you always leave in a hurry :p kudos for this post.I love the collage

  2. thank you Shehrzad for the appreciation, im sure all mommies can relate to it :) x

  3. so glad i came across your blog just followed :)
    Rebecca xx

  4. Concealer is a must have :)


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