Sunday, April 20, 2014


Contributed by Amina Sibtain


With the trend of online retailing on the rise, shopping for clothes online is becoming highly popular. The main concern women face in this arena is that they are not really aware of which way to go while they go about this task. Nearly every brand of every kind of product has established its name on the online forum and due to this people feel empowered as they can now have any sort of product from any corner of the world at their doorstep.

The main thing they need to determine is the reason and the occasion they are shopping for the dress in the first place. Once that has been determined, they can search for online clothes shops in Pakistan that deal with the required variety and then thoroughly becoming familiar with the website that has the merchandise that you are interested in. This can be done through searching social media reviews and further by word of mouth.


The next step deals with the size and measurements, as the best way to shop for clothes online is to know your correct size. The online clothes’ retailors have size charts which moreover help the buyers know if the apparel would fit them. Another option is of subscription to the sites that usually have the latest styles and suitable options at update their inventory regular intervals. These sites send an email notification whenever there is any change in stock or whenever there are new arrivals, yearend, clearance or seasonal sales which then loyal customers can benefit a great deal from before all their favorite pieces run out of stock.

Then comes the placing of order part and selecting the method of payment. Once the size, color and style of the dress has been decided, checking out is the next step. For this the product is to be saved in the cart and information regarding the buyer and place of delivery is filled out. Then the payment method is chosen, some sites such as Kaymu and thewarehouse offer cash on delivery services, some go for safe payment, while other demand advance payment. This method is safe only with very credible and reputable websites.

Through online shopping, people can now place their orders in advance and order through the catalogues and have their selected designs shipped to their doorsteps from wherever they want to.


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