Thursday, April 17, 2014

RSL Hydra White Skin Whitener Face Wash and Cream [Review]

I would literally do anything to get my pre-prenancy flawless skin back, and that means anything, so when I heard about the skincare brand RSL I quickly searched through their range and figured that the Hydra White range would best suit my need and religiously started using the products when they were sent over to me.

RSL Claims:
Promotes healthy glowing skin, clinically approved to lighten skin, reduce dark spots and even skin complexions.

My Thoughts:
The RSL Hydra White skin whitener range has a face wash ad a face cream in colors of red and white, the face wash comes in a white tube with a red cap and the face cream has a red tube with a white cap.
Starting with the RSL Hydra White Skin Whitener Whitening facewash first, the consistency is slightly thick; shampoo like, color is slightly milky white and has a strong scent to it which can be improved even if it's not completely unbearable. It takes an effort to lather especially if you're applying it onto an oily face [ like my face after using oil as a makeup remover]; otherwise if I apply it on my normal skin and rub it in with quick strokes it does lather but just barely. The directions tell you to leave it on for 3 minutes, frankly I'm too impatient to wait that long but I still let it stay for a while before rinsing it off. It leaves my face squeaky clean and my skin smooth.
The RSL Hydra White Skin Whitener Whitening cream is thick and not even slightly runny, the color is stark white. A tiny little bit can cover the whole face, when I apply it in dots all over my face and work it in circular motions to let it absorb, it takes some time to do that, but when it does my face feels soft and not-sticky; however the feeling that I have something applied on my face stays for quite a while. I use it at night after I remove my makeup and wash my face. And sometimes in the morning also as per the instructions provided at the back for achieving best results. I have used these for a month and a half and so far I have not seen any remarkable difference in my marks or complexion on the whole.
Budget-wise they're super affordable but if you're choose-y about your skincare products and wouldn't compromise on anything less than the best then the ingredients listed at the back might make you think twice since both products do contain sulphates and parabens.

Price and Availability:
It's available at, the face wash is priced at pkr 95 and the cream is priced pkr 195

For more information you can visit their website and join their facebook page here

Have you tried any of the products by RSL?
*Disclaimer: This was a PR sample sent to me for review and I've given my completely honest views about it.


  1. I don't use this products ;)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  2. Unluckily I didnt had a very good experience with this range :(

    1. As I have written above neither did I :/

  3. I was really looking forward to read review on this range after having an amazing experience with the Acne Be Gone range, thanks for sharing your honest thoughts! x

    1. I was really excited to try it out too, but was quite disappointed!


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