Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I'd never been a brush user when it came to makeup, I worked with my fingers and the regular sponge applicators that come inside palettes and thought all was well, until I got myself a few brushes to try thanks to all the gorgeous makeup Youtubers I stalked. 
The very first brush I got was the basic blending brush, which changed my perspective of applying eyeshadows forever lol Seriously as time goes I keep discovering things in the art of makeup application which make a huge difference. Anyways so this post is about the eye brushes that I use a lot, for every eye look and now that I have these and use them I have a hard time figuring out how I survived without them.
L-R: thin crease brush, slanted definer brush, blending brush, stout shader brush, lip brush, wide blender brush

The most important brush is a small and tapered crease brush, I have this (pictured above, left most), it's by Nanshy and is called the Tapered Crease brush [review here]. It's a versatile and extremely useful brush, very close to a pencil brush because the head is small and tapers to a thin point. It comes in real handy in defining the crease, for a cut crease look, for smudging or blotting the eyeliner with a shadow, or for getting into any nook and cranny because it gives you the precision you need.
The second important brush is a thin slanted brush, I use this for shaping my eyebrows, I fill them in with a pencil or a shadow sometimes and use this to shape them up. This one is from Nanshy again, it's called the Angled Detailer brush [review here], I have a similar shaped brush from a local brand and I use that to line my lips because the head is flat and helps in drawing a neat thin line.
The most important brush is a blending brush, this one is by MakeupAcademy E3 [review here], round and fluffy, provides good blending. I have a wider blending brush by Nanshy called the Blending Eyeshadow brush [review here], it's not round but a bit flat and that makes the head a bit wider and flat making it more versatile, I use it for applying shadows too, highlighters and rarely for contouring my nose and cheekbones as well.
The flat shader brush is another best friend, love it for packing eyeshadow onto the lid, I love the one by Nanshy, called Large Shader brush [review here], I have another by L.A colors made of natural hair, but that tends to shed a bit and I dislike that about it. however this one is synthetic and I prefer it.
The last one pictured here is actually a lipbrush by RivajUk, but I use it for applying concealor around my eyebrows and blending it out, for highlighting inner corners etc. Sometimes for applying concealor onto blemishes as well.

What are your favorite eye brushes? :)


  1. Brushes really make a huge difference in makeup application, I also have blending brush by MUA, love it.

    1. they do, make eyeshadow application rather interesting to me :)

  2. Hi dear.its good and informative post :)
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