Monday, August 11, 2014


Before the month ends I absolutely need to post my favorites even if it's 2:43am right now and I'm yawning my heart out! I tried out three new products last month and loved them. So I thought I'd share short reviews of those as well.

Including the June favorites here too because I missed out on the monthly favorites in July. Anyways the new products I tried out are Benefit Coralista blush, it's a pale and frosty coral color leaning more toward orange than pink, it smells so yummy and add a subtle color to the cheeks. The second one is MAC Fix+ spray; contrary to my expectations I really liked it, even more than the elf Mist and Set, and as for why would require a separate comparison post so I'd leave that for later. The third one is Citrine by Junaid Jamshed, a warm and sweet scent that you would love if you like strong scents like Fantasy by Britney Spears, Pulse by Beyonce or Alien by Thiery Mugler. The scent is not very longlasting though but for the cheap price tag, it's definitely a must-buy!
My favorite lip combo has been and still is the Topshop lipstick on Ooh la la [Read review here] and the Style London lip pencil [absolutely cannot recall the number]. Together they help create the most amazing lip color ever! <3 Love another nude lip pencil from Christine in Sandal Wood, it's a pale nude and can be used with almost any lipcolor and even for other purposes like lining your waterline! The Sweet Touch matte lipstick in 761 [Read review here] I reviewed earlier is on the list as well, not a fan of the texture but the color is gorgeous. Bite Beauty high pigment lip pencil in Corvina [Read review here] is a beautiful and vibrant warm watermelon pink color which brightens up the complexions and the stain stays on for hours. Tarte Dollface is my favorite pink blush by far and I'm a big fan of it's matte texture. MAC Prolong Wear concealor deserves a raving post, I am yet to experience a delight to the likes to this when it comes to concealing, coupled with the Original Beauty Blender, it works like a charm at concealing my horrid dark circles. 

What were your favorites for the past month? :)

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  1. Yummy picks! So wanna try out Bite Beauty lip colors! I've heard they are great for dry lips.

    1. they are!!! made of organic products which hydrate the lips :)


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