Monday, August 4, 2014


Coral is my favorite color when it comes to lip products, I don't seem to resist the urge to not buy anything coral closely resembling a lip product. Lucky me I got a lovely coral lipstick in a goody box sent to me by Sweet Touch England a week before Eid, thinking of.. I hope all of you had a lovely Eid ul Fitr :)

Sweet Touch Claims:
Sweet Touch Matte lipsticks have radiant colors that infuse lips with lasting moisture and fullness. Lips have never looked so all day sensuous. Available in 61 jaw dropping shades.
Sweet Touch Matte Lipstick in 761
Sweet Touch Matte Lipstick in 761
Sweet Touch Matte Lipstick in 761
Sweet Touch Matte Lipstick in 761 [Swatch]
My Thoughts:
First up the packaging is a metallic magenta and silver colored plastic which is sturdy so no issues with the packaging at all.

The shade 761 is a lovely coral, if you have a weakness for corals like I do you'll be spellbound by the beauty of this shade. In the swatch it looks pink-ier than on the lips where it leans more towards a pale orange. On subsequent coats it turns neonish! It's a stunning shade. You can see me wearing it here.
The formula is a dry matte, the very first time I tried to apply it on the lips directly I had to drag it on my lips to get color. Applying with a lip brush would be a good idea plus preparing your lips with a lip scrub and balm is your best bet with this formula, because otherwise on chapped lips already prone to flaking the application of such a dry formula results in patchiness.

Staying time is good, being a matte, it stays well for almost 4 hours before any touch ups are required.
I have done some comparison swatches below for you to get the idea of the exact color of this beauty. The closest dupe would have to be Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in no 16, which is a similar color but with a nice moisturising formula.
Overall it's a super pretty coral shade to add to your makeup wardrobe but only if you can withstand the drying texture! 

Swatch comparison with other shades
Price and Availability: 
Priced between pkr 250-500, these lipsticks are available in stores nationwide.

Have you tried the Sweet Touch Matte Lipsticks?! :)

*Disclaimer: This was a PR sample sent to me for review and I've given my completely honest views about it


  1. beautiful shade, never heard of this brand but seems nice

    1. It's a locally available, affordable brand with a lovely variety of products and shades :)

  2. I am actually loving this coral :) Its really pretty

  3. woww amazing post dear .. m a huge fan of matte lip :)


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