Monday, September 8, 2014


I've never been much of a bronzer girl up until recently. When I discovered that my face really does benefit from some artfully done contouring, my interest in bronzers and contours kits developed. When I got the Bronze of Champion kit by Benefit last year, Hoola bronzer was included in that so I got to try it out.

Benefit Claims:
Dust this award-winning bronzing powder over your chin, cheeks and forehead for a healthy, natural looking "tan" year-round. Complete with soft, natural-bristle cheek brush, it's pure matte color…no sparkle or shine! Apply hoola over benetint for bronzed cheekbones with a hint of rose tint. Always tap off excess powder to avoid applying too much color.
Benefit The Bronze of CHampions Kit
Hoola Bronzer deluxe with a brush
Benefit Hoola Bronzer, swatches L-R built , blended
Comparison Swatches L-R: Sleek Contour kit in Medium contour shade, Makeup Academy Bronzed Perfection, Benefit Hoola

My Thoughts:
Since I got this in the kit I won't be commenting on the packaging. The full sized Hoola comes in a box packaging which is typical to Benefit blushes.
Hoola is a matte pressed powder with a smooth texture. Finely milled and velvety, the color comes out as a matte contour color without the nuisance of any orange undertones. Looks very natural especially when used during the day, the color is cool toned and very apt that way. Pigmentation is extremely good hence you would need just a tiny bit for adding a bit of color to your face or if you want to contour. Blending is smooth and easy, there being no powdery feel to it at all. You can concerntrate the color for a chiselled face or keep it light like a natural tan. Hoola is more suitable for light to medium skin tones, for dark skin tones it may be a bit light.
I have compared it with the contour shade in my Sleek Contour Kit in Medium, which is quite darker, and also with the Makeup Academy Bronzed Perfection which is much paler in comparison and just a tad warm too. If you're a beginner and are afraid of ending up with a muddy or orange tanned face, Hoola is a good option to start with especially in the deluxe size.

Price and Availability:
The full sized Hoola is priced at $28, the deluxe retails for around $9-$10 on facebook pages or you can get one of the deluxe kits and try out many products by benefit.

Which Bronzer do you use? Have you tried Benefit Hoola? :)


  1. Looks amazing! Can't wait for my kit to come *fingers crossed*

    1. it is pretty good, especially in a 'kit' its even better :D

  2. Replies
    1. it does, pretty natural without being orange or muddy looking :)

  3. Great review, u have invested in a great product

  4. Its like my everyday stapple since i have hands on it , too faced choclate soilel is also a bomb u should try it :)


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