Saturday, September 6, 2014


Who doesn't like pampering treatments and 'Me time' especially when you're a mother there is no ME TIME ever, which is why when I get an occasional chance like this I know better then to let it go haha. So this time I was invited to the Essie Bloggers Spa at the Mint Beauty Solutions salon in Clifton Karachi on August 27th and I was asked to book myself an appointment for whenever I wanted throughout the day.

I visited them around 12:00 pm and met a lovely lady at the reception who took me inside and introduced me to Nisha from Lane12 and Sadaf from L'Oreal Pakistan, two lovely ladies with sparkling personalities. Amid friendly chit chat, two girls Asha and Misbah came over to start the Manicure and Pedicure services. From Manipedis, to salons to Essie and what not we talked about everything while my relaxing services went on.
Essie was launched in Pakistan last year and quite a few of the salons in Karachi have their nail colors, but Mint Beauty Solutions is the only salon which offers the spa range as well. It is located in Clifton block 5, lane behind Barbeque tonight, a fairly easy to locate and peaceful area. The decor and ambiance of the salon was very impressive and relaxing. Owned by a trio of talented women, Mint offers all professional services, skincare, waxing, and hairstyling.
The girls assigned to me did a very good job, I was asked repeatedly for tea/coffee and drinks. While the Manipedi went on, I was given a very soothing and enjoyable hot towel neck and shoulder massage. Two other fellow bloggers arrived shortly afterwards, Shumaila Jaffer and JeeBee. They were immediately assisted and services started.
As I got done with my top coats, Husby arrived and I had to leave, accompanied by a cute goody bag by Mint, thanks a lot ladies <3
Check out some pictures of the place and the procedures :)


Essie has a whole spa range I never knew!
Done with a gorgeoues 'Morangish' nail color!

I gota light nude pink color on my hands, i cant believe I forgot to check out the name of it !!
My first ever meeting with some cute disposable slippers
A sneak peek of my makeup and accessories
I loved my services at Mint, everything was done properly and with due protocol, and when the product used on you is as great as Essie, it only adds to the fun. I could not stop touching my hands over and over again for atleast 3-4 days which followed; the magic of the essie products coupled with the hardwork of the girls at Mint was commendable. My nails are still shiny even sans nail color <3.
Loved being a part of the Essie Bloggers Spa, I'd definitely be going to Mint Beauty Solutions again to get my services done. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures, do let me know what you think about the Essie launch and would you like to try out an Essie ManiPedi? :)


  1. Wow you have a got a nice mani :) I like those cute slippers

  2. aw thanks Sahar, yes the idea is genius, they asked me to put those on so my nail color wouldnt spoil :)

  3. nice review! I couldn't recognize you there :D
    your so pretty, following you <3 xx

  4. aww i didnt either, Shumaila told me, nice to have met you :)
    thats so sweet thanks :*

  5. Nice nail colour! Seems like you guys had a great and relaxing time.


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