Wednesday, September 10, 2014


This post is awfully late, I was supposed to blog about our Pakistani Beauty Bloggers Community secret swap 3 months ago when it took place but as soon as the swap took place, the summer vacations started and I had to leave on a holiday myself, in between all that somewhere this post just got out of sight in the drafts. So anyways, like the past two years this year too the secret swap was a fun filled activity for us. You can read about the previous swaps here.

The concept it followed is the 'Secret Santa' a tradition of christmas, in which members in a group are randomly assigned partners to anonymously send gifts to.
In the same manner all of the participating bloggers were paired up, and we were assigned somebody to send swap presents to anonymously, we were told their preferences and after consulting their blogs we had to buy things they would love within a priorly fixed budget. A deadline was given to send off the packages so that everybody would get their presents in time . Afterwards we had to blog about the things we had sent and recieved and link the blogs!

This time around I received my package one morning, the return address was of Lahore which along with a little note my sender had included with the gifts gave me some hints as to who it might be. Later on the names were revealed by the admins of PBBC and mine was indeed the lovely Bakhtawar Tahir Sheikh who blogs over at Beauty Mayhem Blog. Absolutely loved each and everything. Can't get enough of them. Thanks loads Bakhtawar <3

Things I recieved:
-Essence Popul-Art blush [ Read review here ]
-Wet N Wild Megalast lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy
-Luscious Signature Lipstick in Buff Pink
-Marlin Lipstick 
-A rhinestone alligator ring
-An earrings and necklace jewellery set.

I in turn sent it to the gorgeous Saman Shafiq whose log you can find at The Makeup Pouch. Hoping you liked your stuff Saman.

As always PBBC swaps are exciting and fun, hope to be a part of them again! :)


  1. Nice goodies, Plz review luscious lippi

  2. You're always welcome Rakhshanda =). I am so super glad that you enjoyed your stuff (^_^)
    Lots of love xx <3

  3. Hola! Nueva seguidora (quedateenminube)
    Nice blog! :))

  4. Awww that little snippet of the handwritten note is so cute!!

    Would you mind checking out my links and possibly following?


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