Friday, November 28, 2014


I have short and scarce lashes so whenever I'm purchasing a mascara my main objective is to get one which elongates and multiplies my lashes in one go. Color Studio Professional has recently come up with two mascaras the Hypnotic Curve and Volume which I'll be talking about in this post and the Lash Obsession mascara, the review of which would follow soon.

Color studio pro claims:
A double curved wand with wide grooves instantly coats each lash for plush effect. Apply more than one coat to build volume.  Avoid pumping the wand in the tube to prevent mascara from drying out.

Color studio pro Hypnotic Curve and Volume mascara wand

bare lashes
3 coats of color studio pro hynotic curve and volume mascara

I love that Color Studio Pro has moved away from its standard black and white packaging to something more bright and colorful. The yellow and dark purple packaging is eye catching and super cute as well. 
The wand is indeed double curved, its curved on two sides, just slightly on one and more like the letter 'S' on the other. The formula is a bit wet, when I started applying it for the very first time I made a mess which I had to clean up, the tip gathers and brings out a lot of product from the tube which you need to be careful with. As I coat my lashes with this mascara I find it elongates them ever so slightly,  and curves them. That much you can see in the before and after pictures above. As it sets, it holds the curl which is pretty impressive. If I wait in between the coats and apply more than 3 coats it starts clumping badly; so the trick is to apply coats quickly without waiting for the previous coat to set. In 3 coats you get fuller and curved lashes. Because of the volumnizing property it doea tend to make the lashes appear a bit spidery which is another reason to avoid multiple coats.
Overall I like this mascara, it's perfect for times when you want a glam long-lashed look, it does deliver what it promises which is fuller curved lashes. I wouldn't recommend it for everyday use though when you're in a hurry this can prove messy if you're a beginner especially, for that I would definitely recommend the Lash Obsession mascara (review would follow soon).

Price and Availability:
Available on all Color studio pro stands and kiosks nationwide. Price is around rs470, not quite sure, will update as soon as I find out the actual amount.

For the price this mascara is a keeper, it does a good job and is easy on the pocket!
Have you tried the Hypnotic Curve and Volume mascara? 


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