Thursday, November 6, 2014


I've been a regular at the routine Spas but when I got an invitation to the L'Oreal Hair Spa at the Mint Beauty Solutions I just had to attend. It was on September 24, 2014 and perfect timing too because I had my hair color treated a few days prior. So I booked my appointment and headed over to Mint to my first ever Hair Spa experience.

If you're my regular reader you've probably read my experience at Mint Beauty Solutions in my blog about the Essie Spa which I attended back in August. I just love the place, it's so clean and hygienic, and the staff is extremely courteous. I was received and immediately sent over to the L'Oreal Hair Expert Sehr. I had my hair consultation with her; she basically examined my hair and told me the state it was in and how to take better care of it, which products to invest in and how to use them for better more manageable hair.
She advised me to use the L'Oreal Fiberceutic range for my hair since my hair is color treated and was in deep need of some nourishment and pampering. My hair was washed with the Fiberceutic shampoo, then conditioned; a serum was applied to my locks taking small sections which was immediately followed by the application of the Fiberceutic Mask. I was given an extremely relaxing hair, shoulder and back massage while we waited for the mask to sink in and do it's job. I cannot even begin to describe how relaxing it was, it almost put me to sleep then and there. 
My hair was then rinsed clean as I sipped on a cup of hot tea and paddle dried and I was done. Ever since I had my hair color changed to medium blonde, my hair had gone a bit rough which is normal if one gets a color cut before hair dyeing. Likewise my hair had turned rough, brittle and a bit dry so after the hair treatment I was stunned at how smooth and soft my hair got. I could literally comb through each and every strand of my hair with my fingers, my hair was tremendously soft and looked great as well. 
Ever since the Loreal hair spa I have become a die-hard fan of the Loreal Fiberceutic range. I've been instagramming about it a lot, especially the Fiberceutic Mask is the bomb!! I purchased the mask from there, they have all the L'oreal salon range products stocked so if you're interested you can always go and check them out.
Like always Mint doesn't let you go empty handed, so this time around they gave me a care package again with the signature Mint Mani/Pedi kit and some Dermatologica Samples. It was a relaxing afternoon well spent, especially with something as great as hair pampering, what could be better!
Here are some pictures for you to go through!

Do let me know what you think about the Loreal Hair Salon range and would you like to try out any product? :)

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