Saturday, November 8, 2014


There are products which can brighten up a dull day and make the world seem so much prettier. Makeup items that I use literally everyday and they never fail me. These are the everyday heroes, and the three items you can see in the picture above have been mine this past summer. This post was supposed to go up in September when Summer was still here but since my laptop has been having non-ending issues, I have not been able to blog at all.

What you need in summer is a bight lip and a flush on your cheeks, Topshop Ooh La La is just the lip color which brightens up your mood instantly. I pair it up with the Style London lip pencil which is a nude pink shade as you can see in the swatch below, it gives a pink tinge to the pale coral-ly color of Ooh la la and makes a gorgeous gorgeous shade!! And when I dab some Coralista on to my cheeks ahh the combination is so amazing it takes my breath away haha.

Coralista is a subtle blush, and it takes a couple of swipes to show up on me but I love the glow it gives along with the tinge of coral color. I usually pair these with a winged eyeliner and some volumnizing mascara and that's it, These everyday heroes do their jobs well and keep me happy and pretty! :)

Which are your Everyday Heroes?


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