Saturday, December 13, 2014


Sweet Touch nailpolishes are my favorite product from the brand. They're good quality and affordable. I was recently sent a care package by Sweet Touch which had three nail polishes, two simple nail colors and a magnetic nail color which is a fairly new launch by the brand.

Sweet Touch Claims:
Long wearing formula based nailpolish with improved flexibility and durability. Apply a stroke and watch the magic happen!

nail swatch : Sweet Touch nail polish in Teal
nail swatch: Sweet Touch nail polish in Sweet Kiss
Sweet Touch Magnetic nail polish in Green
The cap of the Sweey Touch magnetic nail polish
Method to create the pattern on the nail
nail swatch : Sweet Touch Magnetic nail polish in Green

My Thoughts:
The nail polishes from Sweet Touch are really good quality,  they have nice long lids/handles which makes applying the polish really easy. The brush size is moderate. The consistency is just right, neither too thick nor too runny.
The Teal color is completely opaque in a single coat but does gain vibrancy with subsequent coats. It's a lovely blue color leaning towards teal.
Sweet Kiss is a dusty rose-y pink, which makes a great everyday neutral shade. It's just slightly sheer in one coat and becomes opaque on more coats.
Green is a grassy green color with a wavy magnetic pattern. The application is quite easy, you've just got to apply the number of coats you want and then hold the cap inverted over your nail before it dries (as I've shown in the picture above) for a few seconds and tadaa!
The drying time of all three nail colors is equal and fairly quick, they start chipping on the second day for me but then I'm somebody who does all kind of chores, it might differ in your case.

Price and Availability:
They retail for pkr 140-180 in stores nationwide.

They're a keeper for the price and quality you get! They have a huge range of 87 colors so there's something for everyone! 
Have you tried these nailpolishes by Sweet Touch? 


  1. I've got the same magnetic green nail paint! It's awesome. xx

    1. Yes the color is so pretty and its really easy to use :)

  2. All three shades are gorgeous and looking so pretty on you nails. I am also a big fan of Sweet touch nail colors :)

    1. Aw thank you Zubaida. And thanks for your lovely comments xx

  3. sweet touch nail paints are my fav as a drugstore because of their economical price :)


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