Friday, January 30, 2015


I'd instagrammed a picture of my favorite makeup of the year 2014 sometime in the end of December but didn't get around to blogging about it; mostly because blogging from my phone was extremely tiresome and also because I couldn't summon the courage to write about a ton of products I'd included in that picture! however just the other day I figured why not list the 5 stars or 5 bestest products of the past year, makeup products that got no relief, I used them everytime and all the time ever since they first landed with me. So this special post is about those 5 products which revolutionized my makeup usage as well as application.

 TheBalm Nudetude Palette:
Whenever my creativity kicks in I grab my TheBalm Nudetude palette and start experimenting with the colors. I love the incredible pigmentation of the shadows in this palette. Let me get a few things out of the way first, I'm not an eyeshadow person, I rarely ever used any a year back maybe. Nudetude was the first mid-range eyeshadow palette I purchased, and I was literally awestruck at what I'd been missing out on. Things like tight lining with eyeshadows was an alien concept until I came across 'sleek' the dark matte brown shade in there. I've been using this palette nonstop for every event and occasion so it naturally had to be included in the superstars list. 

The Beauty Blender:
The reason I got this in the first place was for concealor application, but I ended up using it for multiple things. I hardly ever use the buffing brushes or the foundation brushes anymore, I want to get a backup too just in case this gets torn which I've heard it does with usage. In short I owe it big time to this gem for my flawless makeup face. Highly recommend it!

Mac Prolongwear Concealor:
A non-greasy, non-creasing concealor which doesn't budge. I have the shade NC20 and it works quiet well on me though I plan to get the NC15 when I repurchase, for highlighting purposes. I normally apply my orange corrector first on my dark circles then I dot this around my eye and quickly blend with the beauty blender and the result is impeccable. The coverage is commendable, it really does conceal my odd spots and doesn't smear. 

Mac Retro Matte Lipstick in Flat out Fabulous:
Probably my best lipstick buy of the year and the color would have been so out of my comfort zone about 2 years ago but now I just cant get enough of it. It helps creates some gorgeous shades when layered over or under other shades and even on it's own it's just a pure beauty to behold.  

Color studio Professional hypoeyes:
This one is the most recent item that I got, probably in November, so I've had it for two months only but I'm such a big fan of it. I've reviewed it already here, it's a felt tip eyeliner and so incredibly easy to use. Waterproof and intense black, I've been using it everyday for the past month or so. 

Hope you enjoyed reading!!
Which star products did you love using in the past year?:)


  1. Love your picks and i must say beautyblender is surely a gem :) And i need that nude tude palette now :D

    1. thanks Anna, you'll love it, from packaging to colors to pigmentation :)

  2. WOW definitely need the nudetude palette! I am following you, hope to see you on my page soonx

    1. sure thing :) thanks for stopping by x

  3. I'm going to get Flat Out Fabulous like RIGHT NOW! haha. I've been lusting over it for ages and your post just made me crazy! Great picks. x

    Zubia | The Bedside Dreams Diary

    1. oh my i want to dedicate an entire post to it lol
      thanks :)

  4. Great Picks...I am seriously thinking of trying the Prolong wear!
    Red Alice


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