Tuesday, April 21, 2015


You must have heard about Foodpanda, it's an online food portal which has hundreds of restaurants and hotels from which you can choose to your liking whatever you feel like having and with literally a few clicks, the scrumptious food is on its way to you. I had heard of it but never ordered anything but once I did there was no turning back. 

To be very honest it's like the lazy person's best friend, if you ask me how, let me tell you that Foodpanda has a smartphone app as well which you can download to your phone for free and without so much as moving from where you're sitting you can place your order for free, without making any calls and getting held up in queues. The downloadable app links are Google play and itunes.
So likewise on a particularly lazy day I placed an order with them just to find out what all the hype was about. When you open their website foodpanda.pk , it asks for your city and area and once you fill them in it searches for all the restaurants near you and lists them down. 
You can filter your according to the cuisine and restaurants, you can go through the deals some restaurants have exclusively for foodpanda. You just choose the item, click the + sign next to it and that takes you to the item specifications. After you make your choice click proceed to checkout, it asks you to fill in your address, email and phone no. and sends a verification code via sms. In the next window you provide the verification code and it confirms your order. I got a confirmation sms as well and recieved my order within 45 mins, hot and yummy pizza with chilled pepsi!  
Fill in your city and area

List of restaurants in your area

Check out the menu/deals 

fill in your address and mobile no and it send you a code

when you enter the verification code it send you a confirmation email and sms

The Foodpanda app!

Once you use it you sort of get addicted to this hassle-free easy way of ordering food. It helps save my mobile credit because I don't have to make any calls to order food anymore so yay for that!

Have you ordered food from a food portal before?

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