About me

Hi, I'm Rakhshanda and The Fashion Personal Blog is my own private space to share my obsessions with like-minded people.

I like posting about Makeup and Fashion along with some lifestyle topics.

I started this blog by the name of Rakhshan's Blog in August 2011, but then a year later changed the name to The Fashion Personal Blog, and now I have a personal domain as well.

I'm based in Karachi, Pakistan.

I use my Sony Cybershot for taking pictures for my blog or my mobile phone Samsung S3.

I accept guestposts for my blog, if you're interested email me at


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  1. Hey i loved your blog...being a makeup addict myself how could I stop myself getting attracted to all those colourful beaties u've decorated it with lol :D
    U graduated in computer science umm from KU?? Just curious cuz im doing the same :)


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